How can small web design agencies and freelancers compete?

How can small web design agencies and freelancers compete against much larger web design companies? And how can small web design agencies and freelancers compete against the “create a website using our drag and drop interfaces?

How to Compete Against Web Design Companies

Freelancers and small web design agencies can win against the big firms based on price. Larger firms have greater overhead. The challenge for freelancers and small web design firms is not under-bidding their services and losing money.

One benefit of being small yourself is that you can and should market to the small businesses that simply cannot afford the big firms’ services.

Smaller web design firms may not have the expertise or resources to do a full business analysis, ongoing digital marketing effort or social media outreach. Where you can help small clients is by offering them only the services they need at that time, then promoting the other services as something you can do when they are ready for it. Give them advice on how to do it themselves such as coordinated social media marketing of their new content links when they publish new content, and they’ll love you for saving them money.

How to Compete Against Drag and Drop Tools

Your ability to offer someone a website that is unique and doesn’t look like a WordPress blog should be first and foremost in your marketing efforts. They are competing in a crowded world filled with cookie-cutter websites – they need something different to stand out, and that is where you can meet their needs at a reasonable price.

Small web design companies and freelancers should take the time to discuss how they offer much more than the standard ecommerce site template from adding social media sharing buttons to infinitely better search engine optimization.

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