Graphic design is described as communication by combining both written words and pictures or images with an aim of catching the attention of a particular clientele. Graphic design is mostly used in advertisements though it is also used in illustrations in books.

Graphics design has over the years been used in branding and packaging of products and services and it has proven to aid greatly in the success of businesses.

Products design on the other hand is used to describe the process of coming up with ideas that eventually lead to new products in the market. Product design takes into consideration several factors as listed below.

1. The cost of the product should be fair. Nobody wants a product that is too expensive to manufacture or one that is unaffordable.

2. Products design should ensure that the product meets the needs and requirements of customers with effectiveness and efficiency. Customer satisfaction is key.

3. Products design should also ensure that the product is easy to maintain.

Products design and graphic design are two different concepts but are equally important for the success of any business.

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